Krudoku is a free multiplayer boardgame which asks for your strategic skills.
It combines elements of Sudoku together with bonusfields, forbidden fields, blocking your opponent or creating your own chances of high scores.
You can play it with friends or random opponents.
The goal is to achieve as many points as you can, by making Krudoku's or capturing bonusfields. A Krudoku means that you have placed all digits 1 to 9 of your own color in a single row or column. Then you get a bonus of 100 points.
A digit of your own color may only be placed once in a single row or column.


– play with friends, random opponents or computer
– play an unlimited number of simultaneous games
– play with the same account on multiple devices
– you can resign any game, even if it's not your turn
– push notifications will inform you about new games, opponents moves and chat messages
– upgrade to premium version to get rid of ads and play on random boards
– play tournaments and battles and become top player of the world !

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