Kwirkle is a free strategy matching game that is fun for all ages! If you like Qwirkle, Scrabble or Rummicube, you will love this game!

Play against others or test your skill against our "Artificial Intelligence Master" on your own.

Kwirkle is a game of strategy inspired by the game Qwirkle® where you score by building rows of blocks related by shape and / or color. It's super easy to learn.. but then the challenges come, as you analyze the tactical maneuvers to rack up points.

Mix, Match, Score, and Win
Kwirkle consists of 108 tiles with six different shapes in six colors. Using the tiles, players attempt to score the most points by building lines that share the same shape or color. The simple setup makes this an instant winner for younger kids, while adults will enjoy strategizing to win.

How to Play
Each tile has a shape. Each of these shapes appears in six different colors. In total, the game has three tiles each of the 36 possible color-symbol combinations.

As in Scrabble, the game starts with players getting six, random tiles. Player 1 plays their pieces and wins points. And so it goes until the pieces make up a giant grid. One rule adults will likely need to reiterate to little ones is that duplicate tiles don't count. For instance, if someone has three diamonds, and two of them are green, they can only count one of those diamonds for points.

The game is over when all the tiles have been played and all the points have been tallied. Complete instructions and rules can be found in the "How to Play" section of the app.

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