"Very nice take on Letterpress. I'll probably start playing this one with my Google friends." – Loren Brichter, creator of Letterpress for iOS

Engaging, challenging, and thoroughly addictive! One of the world's best word games has arrived on Android. Reminiscent of Boggle, Go, and Scrabble, Letterplex is a two-player turn-based game that blends word-search skills with strategy. Crossword puzzle lovers will enjoy this game too. This is a game that you'll pick up and not be able to put down.

The mechanics are simple: you play words from a grid of letters. Then comes the fun. Your opponent steals letters from you. You steal back. You build your defenses. Your opponent hunkers down as well. In a matter of minutes, this simple game transforms into an epic contest!

Play against opponents from all over the world simply by tapping Play Now, or challenge your friends and family members by tapping Choose Opponent. You can invite anyone with an Android phone or tablet to play with you. You can even play yourself or the person next to you with the new Pass & Play option!

Letterplex is free! The full, complete game can be played, with an unlimited number of Pass and Play games (as well as up to two concurrent online games), for free. Optional in-game purchases allow you to review the lists of played words for every game and to play simultaneous games online against more than two opponents.

Download Letterplex now, and step into one of the greatest word games of all time.

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