Entertain your baby, protect Little fish from sea creatures.

Avoid jellyfishs, snakes, seashells and other animals from touching Little fish, and it will grows and grows! One single touch back Little fish to its original size, you have to start from scratch.

For babys, game's easy, only touch sea animals to make them disappear.

For adults, game is a challenge, every time Little fish grows, dangers grow also, enemys are faster… when Little fish become as big as almost half screen, is really hard to protect it.

Enter Top10! Each time you play, your score will be saved. Challenge your friends and be the best of the world. Touch Podium icon to see bestscores in main menu.

This game is free. This game have NOT ads inside. Your baby will not install any app from third company while he's playing. He won't surf the internet, he won't waste your credit.

Music by Homingstar
Sprite Seeps and Bullrushes by Mjco
Sprite Pingu by Alilali
Jellyfish Sprite by Herzlose

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