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A simple loan calculator to help you see what your payment plan will be :
– monthly payment
– total interest paid

more functionnalities to come !

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Loan Calculator Features

Most of Credit Types
• Personal Loan
• Mortgage Loan
• Car Loan
• Business Loan
• Business Overdraft

• Because banks and financial institutions instantaneous exchange rates taken from interest rate has dropped to user input.

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Download Loan Calculator

Loan Calculator is useful for anyone who wishes to take up a mortgage from the bank, an auto loan to purchase a car or simply loan money to a friend.

Basic EMI Calculation for your Mortgage, Car Loan or Student Loan:

Whether you are taking a student loan or a housing loan, the most common question you will have is how much do you have to pay every month and for how long.

All you need to do is to provide the loan amount, repayment period and interest rate, Loan Calculator quickly computes the equated monthly instalment (EMI) you need to pay in order to service the loan.

Apart from the usual monthly payment calculation, this Loan Calculator app also enables you to calculate any one of the following attributes based on the inputs from the other 3:

a) Monthly or Yearly Payment for your Home Loan, Student Loan or Car Loan
b) Interest Rate charged by the bank
c) Loan Amount
d) Loan Term

How to use this Loan Calculator app:
Select the variable that you wish to calculate, key in the input for the other 3 variables and the result will be generated for you.

You can also generate a pie chart that shows you your total interest & loan amount as a percentage of your total repayment

On top of that, interactive graphs and comprehensive loan amortization schedules are available in this free loan / mortgage calculator app.

Loan Calculator is brought to you by Handy Apps and is completely free to use.

Download this Loan / Mortgage Calculator now!

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Download Loan Calculator

Revolutionary loan calculator offering all possible calculations within the same form:
– amount + duration + rate -> monthly payment
– duration + rate + monthly payment -> amount
– amount + rate + monthly payment -> duration
– amount + duration + monthly payment -> rate

Suitable for all types of loans: mortgage loan, car loan, ..

This single form helps finding its ideal financing by trial and error. For example:
– I'm considering buying a property $ 250,000, loan rates are around 4% and I prefer borrowing over 20 years.
– So I know the amount [250 000] duration [20], rate [4] and requests the calculation of the monthly repayment. The amount: $ 1,514.95.
– I only have a monthly budget of $ 1400.
– I then replace the monthly payment calculated by [1400] and ask to recalculate my borrowing capacity. Its amount $ 231,030.
– It is probably too low to negotiate the price with the seller. What if I increased the loan period?
– I replace the term by [22] and request to recalculate my borrowing capacity. Its amount $ 245,536.
– Maybe I could negotiate a bit the rate to the bank to do even better.
– I replace the rate by 3.9% and recalculate my borrowing capacity. Its amount $ 247,865.
– An offer at that price will surely be accepted.

Possible inclusion of insurance fees (fixed monthly fees).

Can be installed on SD Card.

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Download Loan Calculator

Buying a house or a car? Want to know your monthly payment or how much you can afford to borrow? Loan Calculator is the tool you need.

Supporting two calculator modes, general loan and mortgage specific loan, Loan Calculator allows you to calculate your payment and affordability on a loan or a mortgage. It is easy to use but full of features. Whether you are making a general loan, an auto loan or a home mortgage, Loan Calculator can help you perform a thorough analysis on the loan and make better decisions on your purchase or investment.


1. Simple and easy to use, allowing you to quickly calculate monthly payment, interest, total payment, or how much you can afford to borrow.

2. When extra payment is made, Loan Calculator calculates savings and how earlier the loan is paid off. Extra payment can be done one-time, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually.

3. Amortization table details each periodic payment, showing date, interest, principal and balance. Extra payment is highlighted if any.

4. Various graphs allow you to visualize and analyze your loan at different angles.

5. Ability to save loan along with descriptions

6. Support multiple compounding methods, including Daily, Monthly (US and many countries), Quarterly, Semi-annually (Canada) and Annually.

7. Support multiple payment frequencies, including Bi-weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-annually and Annually.

8. Mortgage calculator mode enables you to perform thorough analysis on your home loan.

9. Many more features, plus elegant design you need to check out to see.

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Download Loan Calculator

Loan Calculator helps you to calculate monthly payment, interest or loan amount. It allows to create payment schedule and to plan advanced repayment.
Features of this app:
– Calculate monthly payment depends on loan amount.
– Calculate loan amount depends on necessary monthly payment.
– The possibility of calculating repayment schedule, with the option of calculating interest: daily or monthly.
– The possibility of reflecting on the schedule early redemption amounts with the option of converting the further repayment schedule: decreasing the loan term or decreasing the monthly payment.
– The possibility of choosing any date of loan.
– The possibility of saving current calculations and loading previously saved.
– The possibility of changing language: Settings -> Language

Using this app you can track repayment of your personal or car loans, or mortgage.

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