While the greedy King sits in his castle with more treasure than you could possibly imagine, but the poor people of the kingdom are starving. How about we teach that greedy monarch a lesson? In the fun-packed sequel to the hugely addictive Loot the King, you’ll take the role of Robin Hood – a daring and adventurous outlaw with one goal – to capture the King’s loot!

Although getting to the treasure might not be as simple as it sounds. To get to the Kings treasure – tucked away safely deep within his castle – you’ll need to have your wits about you. The King’s loyal guards can be found almost everywhere and only stealth and cunning will help you slip past them. Loot the King is an endlessly fun point-and-click adventure that gives you puzzle after puzzle – all of which need to be solved if you’re going to grab the treasure. Each puzzle level is completely interactive – and you’ll have to look carefully to find what you need to help you sneak past the guards, and closer to the treasure. Once the guards have been disposed of you can move on to the next level.

• Capture the king’s treasure in this wildly addictive adventure
• Solve tons of brainteasing puzzles on your way to the castle.
• Enjoy level after level: from the kingdom’s forests to the dark dungeon

Loot the King is an action-packed sequel that gives you even more brainteasing puzzles – all of which are guaranteed to give you hours of head-scratching fun. Keep an eye out for treasure along the way too! Some levels are dotted with all kinds of valuable loot for you to grab! See if you can beat your own scores: a perfect score on a level will give you three diamonds. Get them on every single level and prove yourself the true king of the outlaws. Ready to make your fortune? Then let’s loot the king!

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