Discover summertime magic in LumiKids Backyard! As day turns to night, enjoy a summertime outdoor adventure with new friends and delightfully surprising challenges.

LumiKids Backyard is the third app in the new early childhood product line, LumiKids by Lumosity. The LumiKids series is not intended to be brain training for kids, but instead is a digital playspace for kids to explore concepts through intuitive & adaptive activities. Our team has partnered with academic researchers to learn more about the impact of these digital activities for children but have not yet completed any studies. Our product will continue to evolve as the team learns from the outcomes of these studies. Our products are shaped not only by the input of experts, but also by the input of lots of kids themselves!

• Intuitive for young learners to use by themselves, putting kids in control with no text or voice-over instructions
• Adapts to each child’s ability level, keeping kids challenged and engaged with no feelings of failure
• As a parent, gain insight into your child's LumiKids play and receive tips on how to continue practicing these skills with your child

** WATCH FRIENDS CONQUER THEIR FEAR OF THE DARK: What’s making that noise in the dark? Shine a light on the bushes to empower your new friends and observe their emotional responses as they conquer their fears.
** HELP WITH BED-TIME ROUTINES: Help the backyard critter with an everyday self-care routine – the sleepy squirrel needs to brush his teeth and get ready for bed.
** LEARN ABOUT QUANTITIES AND WEIGHT: The gang of raccoon bandits is hungry! Help them get to the pies inside of the house by using the right platforms. Try grouping the different sized raccoons to find equal quantities and weights in order to balance the platforms.
** EXPLORE SPATIAL RELATIONSHIPS: Explore flocks of colorful bugs that all fit together like a living puzzle. Figure out how to arrange the bug flocks on to the leaves, seeing how the flocks fit together based on spatial arrangements.
** USE PROBLEM SOLVING AND LOGICAL REASONING: The garden gnomes need your help making their dazzling mushrooms in their underground factory. Using critical thinking and deductive reasoning, identify what pattern they want you to paint on the mushroom and plan how to use their painting machines to create that pattern.

LumiKids aims to be a pioneer of research that advances the study of child development and the power of digital play. There is still a lot to learn about the impact of digital media on early childhood and we hope to shape this field of research by working with the brightest minds in the fields of child psychology, developmental neuroscience, early childhood education and digital media.

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Available in English, French, German, Spanish, and Japanese

LumiKids Backyard by Lumosity (mobile app) is certified by the kidSAFE Seal Program.

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