Mahjong Solitaire Story
The origin of the mahjong solitaire deluxe board puzzle is in asia. They use to play this as a classic chinese game, it’s also known as mah jongg. The goal of this brain game is to erase every tile by match them. You can match pairs of every identical tiles when they’re free on board. But what more can you do in this orient looking mahjong puzzle? You can choose multiple backgrounds, multiple difficulties and conquer every level. Clear your mind, find twins and match pairs of identical tiles in mahjong.

Actually, it’s a big tile match puzzle board. Nothing more, nothing less. You need to use your mind in this solitaire brain game. Everyone played puzzles before, it’s a good way to clear your mind. Focus on the board, the identical tiles and match pairs of them. Play Mahjong whenever you want to. In the bus, in the train, in the air. How long you want, we don’t mind. You can play endless while struggling to get a better highscore. Enjoy every bit of this orient looking tile mah jongg.

Mahjong Solitaire Board Features:
+ 150 Tile Match Puzzle Levels
+ Four Difficulties
+ How To Play Mahjong Solitaire Deluxe
+ Five Themes / Five Backgrounds
+ Five Match Tile Sets

Your mind can conquer 150 levels on this Mahjong puzzle board, divided over four difficulties. Don’t know how? Read ‘How to play’. Change the solitaire (tile) backgrounds, change the mahjong match tile sets. You’re ready for this mah jongg puzzle brain game now? Take a shot and match pairs of every orient brick. Keep your mind fresh!

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