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Get back to basics and play the classic game of Mancala on your Android device! You can play against the computer or multiplayer.

Mancala is from ancient times. It is one of the oldest known board games. There are many variants including Oware,Awale, Ayo, Warri, Ouri, Ncho, Awele, but this game uses the most popular, Kalah.

You are allowed to make multiple moves if your last piece ends up in your mancala pit.

– Best Mancala multiplayer features.
– Play your friends online!
– Play random players online!
– Play the computer on your device! No internet needed!
– Play a friend on your device! No internet needed!
– Instructions – Learn how to play, or check out the rules if you need a refresher.
– Online high scores – Compare yourself to other players. (coming back soon)
– Local game history stats – Try to beat your best scores!
– Choose number of stones – Mix it up by altering gameplay.
– Multiple animation speeds – Slow it down to visualize it better or speed it up to play faster.
– Multiple difficulty levels – For beginners to novices.

NOTE: If you experience slowness or choppiness, try disabling animations in the settings.

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Download Mancala

Mancala, one of the oldest African traditional indoor game, is available for your mobile.
This game is also famous by the name of “Congkak”, “Sowing”.
Get this classic Mancala game with exclusive board to play with your friends Offline as well as Online. Mancala will improve your fun experience via available exciting boards.

Mancala is available with very interactive self-learning tutorials. You can learn the best strategies via mini games.

• Exclusive multiplayer feature
• Beautiful boards
• Interactive Tutorials
• Study different strategies.
• Two Player offline mode

Game play: – Collect maximum beans in your Mancala than your opponent to win the game.

Review of Appgefahren:
"Vor wenigen Tagen wurde Mancala (Download-Link) im Play Store zum kostenlosen Download veröffentlicht.
Doch was bedeutete Mancala eigentlich? Wikipedia klärt auf: “Mancala (von arabisch ?? naqalah ‚bewegen‘) ist der wissenschaftliche Oberbegriff für bestimmte Spiele, die, meist von zwei Personen, vor allem in Afrika und Asien gespielt werden. Charakteristisch ist, dass bei ihnen Spielstücke, die in Mulden liegen, umverteilt werden“.
Auch hier müssen die kleinen Spielsteine so umverteilt werden, dass der Gegner am Ende keine Steine mehr besitzt. Eine In-App-Anleitung erklärt das Spielprinzip gut, auch wenn nur in englischer Sprache. Entweder man spielt alleine gegen den Computer oder fordert einen Freund heraus. Dass im Anschluss eingebundene Video zeigt einige Ausschnitte aus dem Spiel."

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