Matryoshka! is a smart and fun puzzle for kids and toddlers, inspired by the classical nesting Russian dolls.

What seems easy for a grown-up is a real puzzle for a preschool kid; open all the dolls, find the smallest one, and then identify the order of doll sizes to be able to stack them all together again. At the end, children are rewarded with a fun activity: they will enjoy a delightful scene of exploding balloons, bubbles, and even fireworks.

– concentration and coordination
– size discrimination and sequencing
– learning the importance of organization

– funny animal characters: farm animals, sea animals and savanna animals
– original musics and sounds designed for preschool kids
– beautiful HD appealing-to-kids graphics

– no third party ads
– no in-app purchases (100% free)
– no data collection tools
– contains a protected parent section in which you will find links to our other apps, to our website and to social networks

Matryoshka! for kids (mobile app) is certified by the kidSAFEĀ® Seal Program.

We think education can be fun! Our philosophy is to promote learning through game and discovery.

ABOUT RUSSIAN DOLLS (also called nesting dolls, nested dolls or babushka dolls)
The name Matryoshka personifies the mother of a large family, a woman who is happy, healthy, and well fed. The name also represents fertility and motherhood. The largest doll is the grandmother with future generations of dolls tucked inside her. This symbolizes the hope and value of life and the family; the heart and soul of Russian people. Traditionally, a matryoshka was given to newborns to wish them a long and prosperous life.

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