Download Medical Thermometer (Prank).

What is Thermometer? It is the most common question asked by many persons. So actually thermometer is a medical apparatus which is used to calculate Fever. Doctors use this apparatus to calculate patient's fever. This is a very common medical apparatus.
But now users of this application can easily calculate their body temperature without any real medical apparatus or without visiting doctor. This is a very easy way to find out human body temperature. This is a prank application but it looks like a real digital thermometer which is used to find out fever of a human.
If you are a prankster then this is the perfect application for you because this app is specially developed for those who wants to play prank with friends and family. This is not a very unique or special prank application this is just a normal prank app like all other prank application. Through this application you can calculate yours and your friend's or family's fake body temperature through this prank application. Their is a important feature in this application that you can share your fake fever level with friends or family or with your doctor.
This a very nice way to entertain your self, this is a very unique way to make people smile, now a days every one is busy in his work their is no time to smile, so this is a very nice and small way to spread smiles to others. Spreading smiles might be the best way to gift someone, so you can spread smiles on Christmas eve. This might be the best Christmas best for others.
This application is very easy to use just place your finger on scanning pad, and application will detect your body temperature within 15 to 20 seconds.

How to Use:
Select temperature from main menu.
Place your finger on scan pad.
Don't disturb scanning process.
Share your fake body temperature with others to make them smile.

Scan fake body temperature(fever).
Scan through finger or thumb print.
HD graphics.
User friendly.
Sharing option.
Free of cost.
Even works without internet connection.

Medical Thermometer is a prank application and it is only use for fun and entertainment purposes. So just download this application for entertainment purposes and if you really feel fever then visit your doctor.

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Download Medical Thermometer Prank

Medical Thermometer is a new and exciting way to calculate your body temperature. This is one of the most easiest way to find out the temperature of the human body. Medical Thermometer Prank is a real looking digital thermometer which is used to find the fever of any human. This really looks like a real temperature finder application. This app is specially developed for those who wants to prank other people.
This prank is just like other prank application which calculates body temperature with your thumb or finger print. But this application is slightly different from all other prank applications, all other prank applications just calculates your fake body temperature on the other side this app will calculate your body temperature and your fake age limit. This is not enough you can now share your Age or Body Temperature report with your friends, family or doctor through message option or through any social media.
This app is specially developed for entertainment purpose and this application is totally free of cost and it is reliable for those who want to play prank with others.
You can know calculates your body temperature and your age without any medical instrument or without any real thermometer.

How to use:
First select what you want to scan first: Body Temperature or Age..
Then place your finger or thumb on scanning pad.
Don't disturb the scanning process.
Press share button to share your report with others.

HD graphics.
Calculate fake body temperature.
Calculate fake age limit.
Calculates through finger or thumb tip.
User friendly.
Free of cost.
Free for fun.
Doesn't require any internet connection.
Sharing option.

Medical Thermometer is a prank app for fun and entertainment, this app is not applicable to calculate any temperature, it always give random readings. It is not possible to calculate body temperature will finger or thumb tip or print, result given after scanning is not real these are all random readings, so just download this app for fun.

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Download Medical thermometer Prank

”Medical thermometer” is a prank medical thermometer for fever that calculate the body temperature using fingerprint scanner. If you can be a prankster you should definitely like this application. Medical thermometer app for fever is really a prank free fingerprint thermometer app… People would think as if it is a real temperature Calculating application. ”Medical thermometer” calculate your fake body temperature for fever and is particularly also designed for those who only want to play pranks on others and wish to showcase the strength of their latest android device. It is advisable have prank application still in the early stages. This fingerprint thermometer application developed in such a manner that certain who's not really conscious of android can't ever get whether it be a prank application or real. People would think as though it's a real temperature for body calculating application.
Now put your finger gently in the fingerprint scanning pad and wait for a analysis.
Result: Your Fake body temperature is going to be shown automatically after calculation.
Fingerprint thermometer for android provides best and definition image qualities. Fingerprint Thermometer works with nearly every android device. This fingerprint thermometer monitor app also tested on various android devices android tablets and android based mobiles phones. All of the actions can be executed effortlessly with no confusion. Reliability is guaranteed of finger print thermometer scanner for person. Fingerprint body temperature thermometer is especially developed in wherein it'll definitely use brand new devices and android versions too. fahrenheit thermometer and celsius thermometer.
Human body temperature checker is very easy to use, it can quickly and accurately fake measure your heart beats and then give a safe and certain result of your read body temperature but it may be the correct one and that can be a way to control increasing your state.
Disclaimer: this thermometer app is perfect for entertainment purposes only. It doesn't calculate your body temperature for fever. The displayed answers are random numbers. It's the best application for fooling your family and friends.
Make sure you rate us and provide your feedback within your experience to make use of Fingerprint Thermometer or maybe just in case of an issue please write an e-mail. We'd like to resolve your problem and we'll try our level better to allow it to be better and much more easy to use application. Your feedback is going to be highly appreciated. Thanks.
”Medical thermometer” is prank app just for fun.

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