Mini Golf Retro is back with a whole new theme! There’s nothing better to get you into the Christmas spirit. With crazy cartoon graphics, Santa's hats on loops, snow and presents everywhere in the scene, you’re in for a seasonal treat. Can you beat all the different holes and get a crazy score.

It’s still just as fun as the first edition, but with all new art and completely new and challenging levels. So if you loved the first Retro Golf. Then you are sure to be a fan of this too. All the obstacles are back, we still have everything from, power boost pads, to spinning doors and even spring boards.

if you a fan of crazy or silly putt then this is certainly something you will enjoy.

Set in a magical Christmas land with an epic geometric landscape, it really gives you that old school fun feel.


100% FREE. No charges, no upgrades. Everything in the game is free to play and always will be.

A store for different balls. Earn credits for completing levels and use those to unlock balls for free.

Made to work for mobile from ground up. This is only released on Android devices so will work smooth on any device you can find!

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