Mama's pregnancy is still going on, and she needs some help to take care of herself and her new born babies! Mommy & Newborn Baby Twins lets you take care of a mama and two little twins, brother and sister, as her pregnancy continues and she gives birth. When the cute brother and sister are born, they need care just like mama. Be a good doctor and help everyone stay happy and healthy!

New mamas sometimes need help to get through their long pregnancy. Help take care of mama and both brothers and sisters when they're born, all by being a good doctor and an even better helper! The cute newborns need to be fed, changed, bathed and put to sleep at night. Help mama take care of her family, she's counting on you!

– Care for a mama and her new born baby twins.
– Make sure brother and sister are fed and changed.
– Dress the babies up in cute outfits.
– Make sure the twins stay happy and healthy!
– A fun and cute game for girls of all ages!

How to Play:
– Take care of mama and her babies during her pregnancy.
– When the brother and sister are born, take care of them both at the same time.
– Feed, change, dress up and take care of the twins all on your own.

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