Is there an upcoming birthday and you want to send an invitation via SMS to multiple contacts?
Or you have a big announcement for your friends/family?
You can easily do all these and even more with "Multi Short Message Service", an app that helps you send SMS messages to large amounts of recipients.

Unlike your default phone options for sending group SMS, with this app you'll be able to track in realtime what's happening, resend failed messages, create lists of recipients and even have this run in the background without interfering with your current actions.

Basic version features :

✔ Sending multi sms to limited amount of recipients ( limitation is per sending , 100 recipients ) .
✔ Create sending lists from phone contacts / groups.
✔ Tracking MSMS panel (freeze sending , continue sending later,view number of sent/not sent)
✔ Background service , keep working with other applications while MSMS sending messages.

Professional version features :

★ Sending multi sms to unlimited amount of recipients .
★ Load/Save sending list from text or csv file .
★ Send Scheduled group sms.
★ Save Sending track to Log file.
★ Allow adding single phone number manually.
★ Edit existing sending list
★ Send group sms as personal sms (Hi "n" i have new phone number = Hi name i have new phone number)

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