Learn Multiplication Table from 1 to 12, easy and fun. Times Table Math Games for your kids.
Practice multiplication and guess all math puzzles! Solve multiply test and pass school exam.
It's a cool math game which helps learning multiplication tables.
Test your brain and solve mathematics quiz.

★ 4 Times Tables modes: story, lesson, kid challenge and duel.
Play math quiz duel with your friend (split screen)
Take your best guess, multiply and collect coins to unlock new levels.

♥ Easy and hard puzzles. Simple multiplication and complex math equations (addition,subtraction)
In story mode you got 3 lives per multiplication table, try to pass math quiz with no mistakes.
Times tables can be easy.

Learn math tables by playing!
Help your kid to make progress in school math.

✔ "Helped my kid to learn multiplication. Thank you!"
✔ "One of the best math games for kids"

Your life will be a lot easier when you can simply remember the multiplication tables!

In mathematics, a multiplication table (a times table) is a mathematical table used to define a multiplication operation for an algebraic system.

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