The free My Babycamera app connects easily with your Babymoov Babycamera 0% Emission.

Whether you're at work, at home, visiting friends or abroad, you can always keep an eye on your child with My Babycamera. Thanks to its digital quality sound and video, movement detection, multicolour night light, lullabies and talk function, you can interact with your baby directly from your smartphone or tablet, for complete peace of mind.
The multi-user system (up to three simultaneous guest users) lets you invite grandparents or friends via a secure system. With your permission, they can watch and listen to your child for a limited time.
The Babycamera 0% Emission technology guarantees unlimited range and zero radio waves.

Other features:
✓ Digital quality sound and image
✓ Adjustable intensity multi-coloured night light
✓ Noise, movement and temperature alerts
✓ Unlimited range
✓ Standard and personal lullabies
✓ The possibility to talk to your baby
✓ Photos and videos
✓ Night vision with automatic infra-red mode, so you see baby clearly both day and night
✓ With the multi-user system, up to three people can connect simultaneously via a secure access code.

The app works only with the Babycamera 0% Emission. Instructions on using the app are described in the Babycamera 0% Emission instructions.

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