It's time to spend the day with two little kittens to play with them and have lot of fun. Let's do some enjoyable activities with the kittens and earn their love by completing all the tasks with them. This entertaining and cute game will get kids will be completely active and busy with it. It will also help them to learn a lot about the some daily activities and routine in a kitten's life.


1) First of all bath the kitten because she is very unclean. Use all the different things for bathing and cleaning.
2) Then wear good clothes like a movie start and go for a photo shoot at many different places.
3) Save the photo to your gallery and share it with your friends
4) Play with the kitten with many different toys and enjoy with her.
5) And finally feed her as she might be hungry after the fun schedule.
6) Repeat the routine and enjoy this fun day with the cute kitten.

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