– Run a pet day care with your very own baby zebra!
– Take care of the animal by brushing its hair and giving it a bath.
– A cute makeover game made just for kids!

Have you ever wanted to own your own pet animal? Something cute and cuddly like, say, a baby zebra?! Cute Baby Zebra is a fun pet spa and makeover game for kids that gives you everything you need to take care of and give makeovers to your very own exotic pet animal. Use your spa to clean your new best friend, comb their hair, and give them a complete makeover in this amazing game made for kids!

Your pet day care spa is filled with fun activities for you and your baby zebra to do. Start by giving the animal a bath, scrubbing clean all that dirt and dust pets get when they run around outside. Next, choose a fun hairstyle and brush the animal's hair until it shines in the sun. Clean hair and a brushed mane start the makeover just fine, but to complete the kids game, you need to pick out an outfit, too!

Pets love cute clothes just like humans, so make sure you choose a comfy and cute dress for your baby zebra to wear. Once the makeover is complete, take the pet animal out for a photo shoot. Have fun snapping pictures of your dressed up and clean pet, then share them with your friends!

– Run a pet spa and take care of your very own animal!
– Feed the baby zebra, clean its fur, brush its hair, and more.
– Give the pet a complete makeover, then pick a cute outfit for it to wear.
– Take pictures of your pet to share with friends!

How to Play:
– Choose a baby zebra to take care of.
– Give it a bath, brush its hair, make it clean and shiny!
– Complete the makeover with a brand new outfit.

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