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Nature Sounds Ringtones features free sounds of nature that you can use as a customized ringtone, notification, alarm, SMS alert and more!

These nature sounds will help you relax, stay concentrated and focused. Nature Sounds Ringtones contains high quality sounds of nature. Bird sounds, ocean sounds, seagulls sounds, nature songs, forest sounds, rain sounds, thunderstorm and more.

Enjoy these cool ringtones!

– Gorgeous animated buttons
– Easily set default ringtone, notification or alarm sound
– Calming, relaxing ringtones
– Easy to use
– Free!


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Storage permission is needed to save ringtones.

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Download Nature Sounds Ringtones

✿Nature Sounds Ringtones✿ is a perfect new app for your phone. If you want to relax during the day! If you want to dream about beautiful nature landscape! Or you want to hear the most amazing sounds of nature, like ocean sounds, birds singing, rain drops falling, sounds from jungle and much more funny sounds. Find out how it feels to be surrounded with unspoiled nature with these free ringtones. Be the first to download ✿Nature Sounds Ringtones✿ and experience the beauty of nature. This is an educational and interesting app for kids but at the same time endless fun for everyone.
– Includes 30 cool phone ringtones, more unlocked for free each day!
– Very easy-to-use interface, just tap once to preview the sound and hold to set the sound.
– Set as ringtone, notification, alarm or assign to contacts.
– Compatible with 99% mobile phones.
– Completely free, this is the full version.

Want to be the part of natural environment? ✿Nature Sounds Ringtones✿ app provides you with lots of scary, funny or lovely nature noises for free! Get familiar with all the beauties of mother nature. The most amazing “relaxing sounds” now can be your phone ringtone. Peaceful sounds for meditation will be your free spa therapy. Here you can find “free ringtone downloads” for everyone’s taste! A great new app for a true nature lover! This new popular application for your Samsung™ phone offers you a tremendous selection of “best ringtones” you can imagine! Set these “free sounds” as your text message ringtone, chat notification or alarm sound. You will be the center of attention every time your phone rings. All your friends will be thrilled when they hear these free ringtones. Even though these crazy and “cool ringtones” will entertain and educate your kids, it is suitable for all ages. Find ✿Nature Sounds Ringtones✿ on your app store and download it completely for free.

Provide yourself a great therapy, surrounded with beautiful “nature sounds”. This, one of the most popular apps will make you feel like being in a jungle. These nature sounds will take you to the unspoiled nature among various animal species that make the most unbelievable funny noises. You will hear tigers roaring , bees buzzing, frogs croaking, monkeys chattering, ocean sounds, waterfall sounds, …and much more with these amazing ✿Nature Sounds Ringtones✿! Everybody will be thrilled to hear these funny sounds. This is a brand new app for your Android™. Find out what is nature with these unique “free ringtones”.

Forests, lakes, and rivers, clouds and winds, stars and flowers, stupendous glaciers and crystal snowflakes – every form of animate or inanimate existence, leaves its impress upon the soul of man, when he hears these cool ringtones on his Samsung™ phone. Let the most amazing sounds of birds beautifully singing wake you up. Set these unique relaxing sounds as alarm tone and start your day with a smile. ✿Nature Sounds Ringtones✿ will take you to the exotic place you’ve ever wanted to see. “Download free ringtones” for your Android™ and scare your friends with terrifying thunder sounds whenever your mobile device rings.

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*This app is not affiliated with or endorsed by Samsung™.
*Sound clips used in “Nature Sounds Ringtones” app are under public domain license and/or Creative Commons’ license.

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