Play an addicting and fun game of numbers with opponents from all over the world—for free!

Numfeud is a free app that is similar in look and feel to classic tile board games such as Scrabble and Okey—but with more incredible options for maximum entertainment. In this fun game you use your strategic and creative skills to connect all of your numbered tiles before your opponent!


Once you create your game credentials and choose your nationality, the following steps are all you need to start enjoying a game:

1. Start a new game.
2. Choose your opponent.
3. Slide tiles to your desired location to make your move.

That’s it. Three easy steps and you are ready to start feuding!


*Easy Gameplay* – Numfeud offers the easiest game-play. Simply slide your tiles where you want them on the game board.

*Worldwide Competition* – The Numfeud app has more than 35 countries for players to select when setting up the game. A player’s nationality is indicated by an icon on their avatar.

*Opponent Options* – Choose your opponent: Facebook friends, Numfeud friends, random opponents, or search for new friends!

*Track Your Success* – Access your game statistics, such as the number of games you’ve played and won, your total points, and world rank.

*Competition Options* – Compete with other players by comparing your Numfeud scores to those of top players on the public leaderboard or leaderboard groups you create yourself.

*Instant Social Media Access* – Connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, and the Internet to receive the latest news about Numfeud!

*Integrated Chat* – Use the chat system within Numfeud to get to know your opponent or to exchange some friendly feuding trash talk.

*Simultaneous Game Play* – If one game of Numfeud is not enough, you can choose to play two, three, or even 50 games at one time!

*Ads-Free Option* – Upgrade to the Pro version of the app for $2.99 and enjoy Numfeud without any interruptions!

The Numfeud app is designed to provide endless hours of challenge and entertainment. Download the app today and start an international feud of numbers!

√ Leaderboards
√ Facebook Connect
√ Invite and challenge Facebook friends
√ Push Notifications
√ Beautiful animations
√ In-game chat
√ Friendslist
√ Statistics
√ Change skins

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