Play chess online with your friends!
Meet new friends with onChess!

With onChess you can play chess games with your friends, anywhere and anytime. Invite your friends, make your moves, review your finished games, and your friends' too!

Create a full profile or register as an anonymous player and begin playing.. and if you like onChess, upgrade your anonymous profile anytime! Of course, both kinds of profiles are free.

Meet new opponents and invite them, or make your profile public and receive invitations from people around the world. Full profiles can change their public status anytime, anonymous profiles will always be public.

onChess will fill your opponents contact list with:
– Your registered phone contacts (only the phone ones, we don't use the SIM card contacts).
– Anyone that have sent you an invitation you have accepted.
– Anyone you have invited that have accepted the invitation.
The more you play, the more opponents you will have for choosing!

onChess will instantly send and notify all your invitations and moves to your opponents. You can also chat while playing, and share your results on social networks or by e-mail.


– Online chess games with friends.
– Multiplayer chess games with other people around the world.
– Review your opponents profiles and last played games.
– Create a full profile or play anonymous. Upgrade your anonymous profile for free anytime.
– Become public and receive invitations from people around the world. If you have a full profile and get tired, make yourself private again, anytime. Anonymous profiles will always be public.
– Block invitations from contacts, in case you need a rest..
– In game chat, only available for full profiles.
– Review finished games and learn from your mistakes, and your opponents'.
– Share your games. To avoid cheating, only finished games are available for sharing.
– Educational and easy to use.
– It's free!


All games without activity in one week will expire:
– Invitations will expire after a week without answer. Pending invitations will be rejected.
– Games in progress will expire after a day, a week or a month without moves, depending on the game mode. The player who should have moved will abandon and lose the game.


You can play onChess in a casual or hardcore way, you decide.

As a suggestion: if you are a hardcore player and want to play with other hardcore players, please add a plus character "+" before your nickname.

If you experience any problem, or are already registered with a full profile and want to change your nick, clear the onChess game data and register again using the same phone number, all your games will synchronize with the server data (only for full profiles).

PERMISSIONS:`Used to check internet connection.`Used to communicate with the game servers.`Used to search for registered contacts.`Used to store the contact images.

Other permissions required by GCM (push):


onChess uses GCM push messages. To work properly, onChess must be installed in the internal memory and always running.. take care with task killers!

We love to hear from our players. If you have an idea that can make onChess better, anything you don't like or just want to drop us a message, send us an e-mail.. your opinion matters! And if you like (or don't.. sigh) onChess, please make a review!

We hope you enjoy the game.

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