How are your recognition skills? What about word finding? You'll need both in order to figure out the more than 200 picture riddles that are in Pictosaurus.

You'll be presented with an image that is zoomed in on an object. You need to try and figure out what that riddle image is, from the hint of the image, and the 14 available letters.

You have 3 kinds of helpers. A- will remove letters from the possible combinations guiding you toward the answer. A+ will give you a letter in one of the letters slots of the answer. Finally, the Zoom hint will zoom out a little more on the image giving you a better view of the riddle image.

There's no time limit. So you can ponder the image as long as you like. You can even use Facebook and Twitter to take a snapshot of the screen and post it for your friends and family to see if they know what it is, and help you solve the riddle.

Pictosaurus Features:

* Colorful high quality riddle images!
* Simple, yet rewarding game play.
* 3 different boosters to earn and use for help.
* 200+ picture riddles of fun.

Sharpen your recall, spelling and recognition with this fun and challenging word / riddle game.

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