By the creators of the award-winning books "The Poppin Princess " and " SOS Dinos "
"Pierrot Pierrette" will take you into a poetic and touching world, that will delight both children and parents.
The nightstory by excellence, "Pierrot Pierrette" allow you to share a quiet moment with your children.

Summary :

Pierrette is sad.
The old doctor said there is only one cure for sadness : a moonflower.
Pierrot is a dreamer, for him it’s easy to go to the moon. He just have to ride a shooting star.
But on the moon, he sees nothing, no moonflower…
Pierrot continue its researches and between the pages of a book he finds the solution :
“To grow a moonflower tree, You need to plant a star.”
That’s what the book says…
Does Pierrot will able to give back her smile to Pierrette ?

In “Pierrot Pierrette” you can :
Discover a 3D starry sky
Draw and grow “moonflowers” trees
Turn you tablet into a snow globe
Move and plant stars
Run around the moon
To fly moonflowers
Give back colors to the cheeks of Pierrette

« Pierrot Pierrette » it’s also :
14 fully illustrated pages, translated into English, French, Spanish and Italian
A pleasant narration
A lot of hidden interactions
A sweet and captivating music
The beautiful illustrations of Nicolas Gouny

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