Popup Pairs is a delightful memory game specially designed for young kids featuring cute popup characters
[i]Advert free and no special permissions required.[/i]
Find the animals on the farm, go on safari, or look for all your favourite sea creatures at the beach! Cute popup-book graphics, gentle music, all designed with small children in mind.

This unique memory game is designed for young minds to learn through play and can be tailored to suit you childs ability. For bigger boys and girls there is the choice of matching three-of-a-kind for a real memory test, while for younger children you can use the hidden parent options (tap the corners of the screen clockwise) to customise the game to suit any level of ability. For example, setting it to 'Always Pairs' and 'Easy', the game will start as soon as the child touches one of the themes – perfect for toddlers to have fun finding the animals. Full multi-touch support allows for stray fingers on the screen, or even brothers and sisters joining in, and screen-flipping is disabled as some children like playing while upside-down!

Note: The full version of Popup Pairs contains another additional 5 themes including fairy tales, dinosaurs, vehicles and more! Check out the links to more games by Code Dads

• 3 different themes to try: Beach, Farm, and Safari!
• Match pairs, or match three-of-a-kind
• Collect stars – up to 3 stars for solving the toughest puzzles!
• Parent-only settings to make it easier for even the very youngest to play
• Seamless multitouch, allowing little ones to play together happily
• No Adverts, in-game purchases, or special permissions needed!

Open the seashells, peek inside the barns, and rummage in the bushes to find the matching objects in Popup Pairs – the ultimate childrens memory game!

About Code Dads
Here at Code Dads our goal is simple – to make fun & safe games that our own kids will love. We are award winning professional games developers & graphic designers with a passion for writing games, and we hope your kids love them as much as ours do!

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