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From the world's most trusted pregnancy brand, "What to Expect When You're Expecting", this app guides you through pregnancy day-by-day and week-by-week. Based on your due date, you'll receive personalized information and the latest parenting news, and join a tight-knit community of other parents and moms-to-be like you. You’ll be empowered with the best tools and support to help you prepare and feel in control every step of the way – helping you achieve a happy, healthy pregnancy.

– Personalized daily tracker shows your week and day of pregnancy, baby's development measured in fruit sizes, and a countdown to your due date
– A daily feed of pregnancy tips, reasons to smile every day, health news, and passionate stories from real parents, created just for you
– Week-by-week development info, helping you understand your changing body and the latest on baby's development through each stage
– Pregnancy videos showing just what to expect this week
– Meet moms-to-be in the same week of pregnancy and share experiences, tips, photos and encouragement in your birth group
– Special groups devoted to birth locations, interests, medical conditions, parenting style, and more!

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Hello pregnant moms!
Fetal is a free, interesting and educational pregnancy companion.
Fetal is your pregnancy tracker that will help you follow your pregnancy week by week,
giving you a lot of useful information and tips how to survive the most beautiful and most annoying 9 months.

Comments from our users:
* Great app with lots of relevant detail. One of the best pregnancy apps out there
* I love this app im pregnant with my 3rd baby and this app has helped me out so much 🙂 thank you for making this app
* Love it As a first time pregnant mom i found this app to be very helpful and informative 🙂 i recommend to all pregnant moms
* Great resource on week to week progression So much good Information
* Fun way to keep track and get information during the pregnancy

• Due Date calculator – calculates your expected due date based on the last menstrual period or estimated due date
• Track your pregnancy week by week, including detailed information, images and 4D ultrasound videos about development of your baby and your body while pregnant.
• Be a pregnant and pretty mom with our shopping adviser. Find out your baby bump maternity clothes & clothing ideas.
• Boy or Girl? Baby gender prediction before ultrasound using chinese gender predictor
• Healthy pregnancy diet – what food you must eat and what food you must avoid being pregnant.
• Baby names with option to choose from offered baby names or add your favorite baby name
• Pill reminder with notifications on a daily, weekly or hourly base
• Contraction calculator – measure and record the frequency of your contractions.
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Simply enter your baby due date and get started for free today with this pregnancy tracker, which will be the best companion during your pregnancy.
Try it and you'll see it

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