Hi, pregnant women are very sensitive, they need attention. Today, in this game for children, you can have fun with us. Today we'll be friends and we can only play every day through this beauty salon game. You could learn many tricks and even you will help our beautiful friend to know few beauty tricks. This make up game for girls is exactly what you need in this beautiful day, you'll be able to test your skills and even to prove to all that you are a child who is very responsible. The young mother wants to look good and only you can help her through this game. She wants a modern hairstyle and has great confidence in you.
You have to test all your skills and you will definitely make your family proud.
Be attentive to every detail of this game.
Follow all instructions of this game for girls.
Good luck!

– In the beginning you will know our friend;
– She is very beautiful and she is waiting to help her;
– Wash her hair with warm water and shampoo;
– Apply a hair treatment;
– Rinse with warm water;
– Dry her hair;
– Gather the leaves that are in hair;
– Cut the tops damaged;
– Paint the hair;
– Choose the right shade;
– Choose a hairstyle;
– Now you have to makeup her;
– Choose the most beautiful dress;
– Be careful what accessories you will choose;
– You did a good job, you're a great kid.

Thank you for help, please come back daily through this game.

Have fun!

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