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Princess Lullaby 2 is the sequel to Princess Lullaby. Join Princess Lullaby on another epic puzzle adventure – this time on her quest for the Magic Floating Cloak, which is reputed to possess great magic powers. But beware, dangers in Forest Marrowness must be overcome by solving more than 50 levels of magical challenges. Princess Lullaby 2 features daring and exciting puzzle gameplay and hours of replay value. Levels require logic, anticipatory thinking, and solving skills. Perfect mind yoga!

Princess Lullaby 2 is an advanced variant of the Japanese Sokoban game. Spread the word about Princess Lullaby 2 and compete with your friends for the highest score.

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+ 51 mind-blowing puzzle levels
+ Secret level
+ Wonderful graphics
+ Enchanting music
+ 5 different princess costumes
+ 9 achievements
+ High score chasing
+ Hours of replay value
+ Easy and fun to play, yet challenging to fully master

Upon returning home from her first adventure Princess Lullaby sets out studying the Blue Magic Pearl. She discovers that the Blue Magic Pearl gives her the power to teleport herself from one archaic magical stone-field to another one.

Having discovered this, Princess Lullaby embarks on a journey – in spite of the disapproval of her family – to Forest Marrowness, where she can put to use the powers of the Blue Magic Pearl.

When Princess Lullaby sets her eyes on Forest Marrowness for the first time her magical journey continues and she slowly turns into one of the greatest adventuress of all time.

What challenges will the princess encounter inside Forest Marrowness? Will she posses the wisdom to solve them and to reach her goal? Help her on her way to find the Magic Floating Cloak and stand by her side during her quest.

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