Ready to play memory game with all your favorite princesses?
* Princess memory pairs is a classical memory game which helps develop memory skills for children.
* Play with your children to help them improve their memory while having fun!
* Princess memory pairs contains many princess, unicorns and fairies images on the memory cards.
* Princess memory pairs is a game for all ages, babies, preschoolers, school children and teens.

At first you will see all cards turned face down. Select a card and tap on it. Remember the picture that was discovered. With the next tap try to find the card's pair. If the pictures match, they will disappear.
If the cards don't match, they will flip back and you will have another try to find a pair.
Try to find pairs as fast as possible and with minimum moves to achieve a best score!
Once a level is complete, the next level will be available for play!

– 28 different level for various difficulty levels.
– Princess memory pairs develops recognition, concentration and motor skills of kid.
– Magical sounds.
– 5 different background for the game.
– 5 different card types.
– Princess memory pairs has lots of pictures of all your favorite princesses and much more!
– High score for each level.
– Time bonus.
– Develop memory with fun game play.

* Simple Intuitive and user friendly interface designed for children.
* Princess memory pairs is also optimized for tablets (provide HD pictures).
* Princess memory pairs will entertain your kids for hours.

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