Are you ready for the toughest motocross challenge ever? It’s happening today, the "Pro Urban Trial" game is here!

The most awesome urban trial challenge. If you like motocross driving and racing games then this is the perfect game for you.

A great motorbike should face many tests and overcome every obstacle, this new model will do it, it only depends on you and how skilled you are.

You have to be careful and always maintain your balance in order not to crash, or you will have to restart the level all over again. Try to be as fast as possible because time is what determines the score. You will have to pass over cars, ramps and big wooden boxes. If you are brave and experienced enoughyou should definitely try the front and backflip when passing over ramps.

The public and jury will love it. So be prepared for the extreme trial moto thrill and enjoy the graffiti's laid out in the vibrant urban environment.

This challenge may seem pretty simple but you will see, you have to be really skilled to finish all 15 levels. So give it a try, and you could become the next ultimate pro urban champion !

How to play:
– Press left on screen button to brake
– Press right screen button to accelerate
– Tilt your device to control the stance of the bike

Game feature:
– Extremely fast and addictive gameplay
– 15 intense levels
– Amazing realistic physics
– Tilt and touch controls
– HD display for high resolution devices
– Drive in dangerous and unexplored locations
– Free!!

Important notice to parents
– Promotional material for VitalityGames products and trusted business partners.
– Links to external social networking sites intended for users over the age of 13
– Direct links to the internet which may open the default web browser on your device.

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