The Protestant Library was created as an extension of the
Protestantism (Pasteur Eugène Bersier Foundation of French Protestant History).
The first volume, "History of Protestant France" exposes the main characteristics
of Protestant France from the XVIth to XXth century: of Calvin's time to the Edict
of Nantes and to the 1905 law, including the period of the “Desert”.
There are many important figures to discover: Théodore de Bèze, Admiral de
Coligny, Pierre Bayle, the pastor Marc Boegner… who are all illustrated by images
– mostly in slide shows.
The second volume covers the religious wars, which took place from 1562 till
1598 and constitutes one of the darkest periods of French history. They set the
Catholic majority against the Protestant minority emerging from the reformation.
Other volumes are going to follow, in particular a walk through Protestant Paris
and Protestant Strasbourg.

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