Puzzle – your life in Free Jigsaw is an amazing game which allows you to play puzzle with any images you want.

Begin the game by selecting the photo. You can take a new photo to solve a jigsaw or select an image from your own photo library. If you prefer to play puzzle with some new images just use internal gallery of Puzzle – Free Jigsaw game. The gallery contains more than half a thousand photos on different subjects. Write down in comments if you would like us to add some new photos on some special topics. And we surely will add new ones especially for you. And all this is for free!

One pleasant surprize 🙂 – by making double click on a house image you will randomly select the image from your photos.

Select your image to solve and welcome to the game!

Remember, if you need help during the game make one simple click on the eye in the right upper corner and you will see the complete picture that you are solving now.

Good luck in your new world of puzzle. Don't forget to challenge your friends to beat your records.

We are always happy to answer your questions and open to new suggestion.

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