Qizzle is now ad free for life !!

Do you like to play with words ?
Have fun with Qizzle, the free brain-teasing word search game, a mix between a quiz and a word search puzzle.

Learn casually some facts about geography, music, movies, cinema, science and nature, sports, and even french thanks to extra topic packs.

Qizzle is fun, informative, instructive for kids, children and grown-ups alike.

If you like crossword puzzles, brain teasers and other types of word puzzles, you will like Qizzle !

How to play:

1) Select a topic you like (eg Music, movies, sport, geography, science & nature, etc).
2) Pick letters on the grid to build words on the topic you selected.
3) Ask for a hint to help you complete words and move forward.
4) Empty the grid to win the bonus!

Too easy ?
* Try bigger grids (up to 12 x 12 on tablets)
* Disable next letter hints (next letter will not be displayed in green or orange)
* Disable word capitalization (words will be displayed in upper case)


* Nice and clean user interface

* "Zen" mode for casual play without stress and "Speed" mode to challenge the clock and other players

* A number of settings (hints, grid size, topics, word capitalization, etc) make the game easy at first and then more and more difficult.

* Optimized grids for phones and tablets.

* Local and cloud leaderboards

* Extra topic packs (difficulty ranging from easy to very tricky are available separately on Google Play. New packs (in English and French) are added regularly.

* Free, supported by adverts, with option to block adverts (paid)

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