Rabbit Hunter presents the most addictive Rabbit shooting game for android!

Rabbits live in jungles and valleys. They eat carrots mostly and they are being hunted by wild animals of jungles and by humans. So we are providing to you a simple animal hunting simulator so that you enjoy hunting.

Rabbit Hunter is a relaxing first person perspective rabbit hunting game. Users can look around the map by swiping the screen. The game has 16 hunting levels so far. You hunt in village, near the river or in an island sometimes. You have 2 semi automatic sniper rifle guns in the game. We hope you like our 3D rabbit hunting game. This is not a war game. It is a simple animal hunting simulator.

how to play:

There are 4 buttons in the game, shooting, aiming, gun changing and rotating buttons. Left side of screen rotates. and 3 buttons are located on the right side of the screen.

Rabbit Hunter 3D features:

• Timer
• Level unlocking
• Realistic Hunting Environments
• 16 levels to play so far!
• 2 semi automatic sniper guns with scope options.
• Crispy and enchanting music and sound effects.
• Stunning and beautiful graphics.
• No annoying in app purchases. 100% free.
• Fun and addictive. Fit for all ages.

Experience the best duck hunting game on Android platforms.

And much more!!!

Please leave your comments and thoughts. Your feedback is much more valuable to us!!!

PS: We never mean to hunt animals in reality. this game is just for fun!

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