Racing Madness Pro 2015 is a 3D drag racing game with dynamic, fast-paced and real time gameplay.
Race against time, avoid obstacles and master your driving skills while free roaming in the city. It is an endless arcade which you can play in the short breaks of your day and it will allow you to race among the obstacles and compete with thousands of global racers. Don't forget to collect the bonus points while driving at the max. speed.
If you are fancy for driving and parking games, this is a must try! Racing Madness: Car Racing is completely free but offering some in game items will require payment.

The gameplay allows you to start with two unlocked cars and by collecting in-game bonuses you can unlock new cars from the collection while we are working on increasing the variety of cars in the meantime.

New Racing Madness Car Racing features:

*Stunning 3D graphics
*Smooth and easy controls
*Endless arcade driving in city
*Different cars with specific driving experiences
*Online Leaderboards enables you to compete with your friends&others and see their scores
*Online Achievements ready! Get all the badges showing your skills to others:
-Drive 100 kms in total to get the "Highway Driver" badge
-Drive 5 kms in a single game to get the "Road Trip" badge
-Drive 1 km without hitting any obstacles in a single game and get the "Careful Driver" badge
-Collect 100 in-game bonuses in total and get the "Greed" badge
-Collect 15 in-game bonuses in a single game and get the "Picker" badge
-Unlock all cars and be a "Collector"

Key Tips:

*Try to reach checkpoints before the time runs out
*Every checkpoint gives bonus time and coin
*Collect in-game bonuses for extra car hp, time and coin

At CVC Games, your experience and your valuable feedback shapes everything that we create from the games you play through to the performance insights that you see. CVC team is dedicated to offer quality, fun, rewarding and easy to play games while developing our products based on your feedback.
Last but not least, a big THANK YOU goes out to everyone who has played Racing Madness 2015.

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