Play doctor and help rescue little kids!

Your little ambulance will rush out to find a hurting little boy or girl, and then you get to make them well again. Use your tools and instruments just like a real doctor to diagnose and treat your little patient. Then give them some little presents and new clothes to make them feel better when they check out!

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Game Features

+ KID’S DOCTOR SIMULATOR – Cute, fun doctor game with interactive tools. Rescue different kids and use just the right treatments to make them well!

+ HELP INJURED KIDS – Use tweezers, bandages, gauze, and ointments to treat wounds. Use a steady hand to pull out splinters and make your patient well again!

+ TREAT SICKNESS – Diagnose illness with stethoscope, thermometer, and EKG. Then give them medicine to fight the disease!

+ X-RAYS AND PROCEDURES – Scan for broken bones and fix them with the advanced x-ray scanner. Use bone instruments to repair and set the break, then choose just the right cast!

+ DESIGNED FOR LITTLE FINGERS – Easy, clear button controls for little fingers with helpful hints and guidance!

+ MISSIONS AND LEVELS – The ambulance rushes to lots of different levels and different kids for you to rescue!

+ CODED VELOCITY PROMISE – Our paid games always give the full game with NO ads and NO additional purchases!

Download Rescue Doctor to experience the exciting life of an emergency doctor! If you liked playing doctor then you will love our other kids games! Download our Fire Truck Race & Rescue, our Dolphin Swim & Play, or blast aliens in Alien Annihilator!

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