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– Jewelled rice
– Rainbow rice
– Spiced rice
– Yellow rice
– Spiced rice
– Cauliflower rice
– Spinach rice
– Pineapple rice
– Coconut rice
– Speedy Tex-Mex rice
– Risotto of spring vegetables
– Sticky rice & mango
– Eggy fried rice
– Spiced tomato rice
– A nice rice pudding
– Zingy rice salad
-Yellow pepper rice
– Toasted coconut rice
– Zesty pomegranate rice
– Coconut & lime rice
– One pan spicy rice
– Japanese-style brown rice
– Spicy Indian rice
– Oriental egg fried rice
– Lemony mushroom & herb rice
– Almond & cinnamon rice
– Mexican red rice recipes
– Fried rice with egg & ginger
– Veggie egg-fried rice
– Super-quick Indian rice
– Spiced rice & beans
– Lemony rice & peas
– Apple & blackberry rice
– Wild rice & feta salad
– Pistachio pilau rice
– Korean rice pot
– Jewelled wild rice with almonds
– Utterly foolproof rice
– Tomato & chorizo rice
– Raid-the-fridge rice
– Fast-fix fried rice
– Fruity rice with toasted cashews
– Wild rice salad
– Zesty rice noodle salad
– Mexican rice & bean salad
– Warm rice & prawn salad
– Barney's Monday night rice
– Poached egg with spicy rice
– Saffron wild rice
– Apricot & orange rice pudding

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Rice recipes free app brings you the collection of largest number of healthy rice recipes across the world. Rice recipes always contains a rich amount of vitamins and proteins. Healthy rice recipes are always good for health. Doctors always suggests for healthy foods. Diabetic patients can also have healthy dishes for their proper life. The rice recipes listed here are completely good for health. Most of the countries prefer rice recipes for dinner and lunch. Now you can prepare rice recipes simply by using this app. Even kids can prepare easily. We give you a variety of rice recipes that makes cooking easy and fun. Now you don't want to go any restaurants or hotels for having rice recipes. Using rice recipes we can properly maintain our diet . Take this cookbook to kitchen and prepare healthy rice recipes and make wonders. Rice recipes including:

fried rice

and more. Fish fry during our meals is one of the best combination. Rice recipes free cookbook includes lots of delicious rice dishes. Chicken recipes, fish recipes, salads etc during rice dishes is a best combination. Variety of chicken recipes are also available. During marriages especially in south India people prefer rice recipes for their function. Fried rice makes for an easy meal or tasty accompaniment to a whole range of Asian-inspired dishes. Here you'll find plenty of fried rice recipes. Now cooking is made very easily for you. This free app provides you step by step guide for preparing recipes. The main features of this app includes
Global search
Search recipes by ingredients, names, tags
Shopping list
Recipe preparation time
Offline recipe access
Favorite recipes can be stored separately
Reverse recipe search
Recipes can be shared to anyone by a single click
Recipes are provided with their nutritional value, calories
Number of servings is also provided
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Browse through the largest collection of how to guide of rice cooking and make cooking easy and fun. You can share the pleasure of cooking to anyone. The recipe search app is very handy and easy to use. It's free for all time. We have hundreds of ways with rice – from a classic risotto to quick Chinese fried rice. Find recipes
for rice pudding, Thai coconut rice, Mexican rice, pilaf rice etc.
A perfectly designed free Rice recipe cookbook.
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