**Notice: this game will crash consistently on Android 5.0.0 and 5.0.1 devices due to a memory management problem in Lollipop. (It seems to especially hit hard certain systems. This game runs on a standalone full screen Chrome web browser.) If you are having this memory issue please consider that I have no way of fixing operating system bugs. The only mitigation at this time is to update to Lollipop 5.10 or for me to disable downloads for devices running Lollipop. Thank you for your consideration of this matter.**

Strange aardvarks, ferocious adult lions and cute baby lions, hungry turtles, battling wildebeest, cooling hippos, cute baby monkeys, and many more African animals await you in this exciting animal jigsaw puzzle game.

Embark on an African safari, featuring dozens of indigenous animal species! A variety of Africa's land animals (and a few birds, such as the flamingo and ostrich) await. Fun for the whole family — toddlers, kids, teens, and even adults will enjoy this relaxing African animal jigsaw puzzle game.

NEW: CUTE! 10 new free puzzles with cute baby wild animals for you to enjoy!
NEWER: 30 extra African themed art puzzles and an extra bird and frog puzzle!

* Uniquely random puzzles: jigsaw puzzle pieces are procedurally generated. Even with hundreds of pieces, no two will be exactly alike! Both casual and veteran gamers will enjoy the variety in this animal jigsaw game.

* Dozens of colorful animal jigsaw puzzles and four difficulty levels for you to explore. 50 puzzles are available right away, and 50 other puzzles need "gems" to acquire. (Gems can be purchased but do not require you to pay anything to acquire them.)

* 168 unique trophy graphics — nearly one per difficulty level and per animal jigsaw puzzle! View your trophies in the trophy room or in a banner above the playing area.

* Gather medals for finishing a puzzle quickly. Collect one to three medals for each of four difficulty levels: bronze ("easy", for casual gameplay), silver, gold, and bejeweled! Keep track of your best times, for each puzzle and difficulty level.

* Never lose your place — win it instead! Kids and adults alike will appreciate puzzle progress that is saved after each piece move! Each puzzle's state is saved separately.

* At least one fun vocalization or related sound effect for each animal species, playing on puzzle load or on demand in options. Enjoyable sound effects for all ages!

* Use the pinch-to-zoom gesture in puzzles with many pieces! Casual gamers will love the ease of use, while veterans will enjoy the power.

* One-of-a-kind "Basket" feature. Categorize your jigsaw pieces (e.g.: by color or appearance) in separate tabs before solving the puzzle!

* Shaded jigsaw pieces.

* Play with a minimal UI, hide / show the category sets, hide / show the timer, add or hide outlines, toggle piece combination, and more.

* Several music themes.

Safari Jigsaw provides 50 free different jigsaw puzzles for you and your family to explore. Unlock the other 50 and support this game's further development by buying in-game gems or sharing the game with your friends!

This free animal jigsaw puzzle game, featuring both ferocious animals and cute baby animals, is being continually updated and improved. Leave a note if you have comments or suggestions to improve this jigsaw game! I would love to hear your thoughts, whether you are a casual or experienced player.

Note: this puzzle game requires basic user ID authentication to allow you to access all the features, gems, and puzzle packs — including your backup save game state. You will be prompted for permission when you first start the game, or when you attempt to access the features that require it.

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