Enjoy the latest arrival of tractor sand transporter 3D game with the brand new concept of de-silting in one of the best sand excavator tractor games. Here we combine the fun of tractor sand transfer games with excavator games. Now! Experience the exclusivity in canal sand transporter 3D heavy excavator simulator and forget the conventional tractor sand transporter games. Your crane operating, tractor driving, bulldozer and dumper driving skills at canal site are going to be tested along with a sand excavator tractor simulator while handling an attractive big digger machine unlike typical tractor sand transfer games. So, get ready for SAND TRACTOR: CANAL DE-SILTING introducing a brand new sand transporter 3D.
De-silting of canals with heavy machinery and tools is a vital job to do and to improve irrigation in the big town. So, play the big city canal de-silting 3D simulator 2016 and take over the control of 5 mega machines like plowing tractor, blower truck, heavy excavator and bulldozer which are true to the originals. So as an expert de-silt worker and heavy machinery OP, first of all you need to plough the bog muddy land patches in the canal by controlling the plowing tractor with high precision. Make sure that the whole squares are completely plowed and there is no empty patch. Thereafter, you’ll have to collect the canal sand from the surface of these muddy patches with the help of blower truck. After this step, you have to do the tough and amazing step of de-silting. You’ll have to drive heavy excavator towards the patches in the canal, and then you have to excavate the canal sand from each edge of the plowed areas and unload it into the trolley of sand tractor. Then drive the tractor trolley towards the highlighted spot. There are large pits nearby the highway and you need to unload the sand trolley into these pits. Here, you’ll get to the final job and operate the road roller bulldozer to fill the depths of the pits to make them flat & plane.
Time to enjoy the newest tractor sand transporter with heavy equipment sand excavator tractor simulation which gives you the passion of sand tractor driver blended with the fun of de-silting of canal. If you love playing 3D sand excavator tractor games and like to operate heavy excavators then this game is made for you. Tractor sand transfer games were never featured like this amazing sand transporter game. Play the SAND TRACTOR: CANAL DE-SILTING 3D GAME 2016 to transport stream sand!

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