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Magic Ripple : Sea Turtle
Presenting a charming and fascinating experience for your eyes.
A beautiful Live wallpaper which lets you to interact with the water waves experience while sitting beside a pond. And best thing is that you didn't get your hands wet.
A very serene wallpaper for every season and time of your life.
It's very interactive at finger touch. You create a water's ripple effect

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Download Sea Turtle. Live wallpaper.

Sea Turtle. Free video live wallpaper.

Video live wallpaper with beautiful sea turtle near reef.

Our unique technology allows us to create most efficient video live wallpapers runs smoothly on 95% of Android devices.

Main features:
– Free!
– Saves to the SD card by default.
– Adjustable speed (frame rate).
– Do not affect battery life time.
– Compatible with many smartphones and tablets.
– NEW. Fully complies with Google Play Developer Program Policies !
– Do NOT contains any push notifications or icon ads !

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Personalize your smartphone with this beautiful live wallpaper!

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