This is the original Shades, the game that over 4 million players have chilled out about.

"I highly recommend checking out Shades" – AppAdvice

"The graphics are ingeniously simple as are the rules, but as you start to play you soon realize that the game play is anything but easy." – TouchArcade

"It is hypnotic, colorful and you might have to call off of work until it lets you escape" – AppGamer

"And that’s the beauty of Shades: it puts your mind at work" – Appbite

A mesmerizing, relaxing, zen-like game that quickly evolves into a devilishly challenging puzzler.

A very simple puzzle game that will challenge you to think very fast. Meditation + Panic. It's a fantastic combo.

"Surprisingly difficult!" ~ The guys who made it.

– Simple rules
– Intuitive gameplay
– Easy to learn. Difficult to master
– 3 modes of play. Easy. Medium. Hard.
– Challenge yourself with 3,4 or 5 column play!
– Beautiful, colorful, minimalist design.
– Sound design by ONBC

How to Play:

The gameplay is simple.
– Move the falling blocks into the best position to combine blocks and clear rows.
– Place 2 blocks of the same color on top of each other to combine them into a single block of a darker color.
– Create a row of blocks with same color to clear the row.
– Don't let your stack of blocks hit the top.

Super simple, surprisingly challenging.

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