If you like shuffle board games as 3D shuffle board, shuffle bowling then you are going to love this game. ShuffleBoard integrates very real physics engine and very realist graphics. You can compete with your family and friends based on your scores over Facebook. Its very much like bowling, you flick the puck and try your best to place it within the top score area. Fun game with lots of actions with flicks and collisions. Very good physics engine.

The game is also called shuffle puck in some part of the world. Puck is very similar to disk which is placed on table very similar to carrom board (or carom board). As easy as carrom board and you get to enjoy as much as you do with bowling. Have fun with friends.

How to Play:
You flick and push the puck on table towards your target area to get your desired points. Very Simple.

– Play in Two-Player mode and enjoy flicking with friends.
– Play with iPhone and try to beat it with some awesome flicking in the right zone.
– Connect Facebook with Shuffle Board and explore a whole new world of challenges and ranking among your Facebook friends.
And yes, don't forget to "Invite" your Facebook Friends and Family to play this game from within the game.

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