Skillful Pixel Dungeon is based on Pixel Dungeon created by Watabou.

The game is exactly like the original, except it adds a skill system. Each class has 3 unique passive skills and 2 unique active skills.

Warrior passive skills:
– Training: Increases damage of both smash and smite. Every 3 skill points spent on Training increase Strength by 1.
– Melee: Increases melee damage.
– Endurance: Increases max HP by 3 points per skill point invested.

Warrior Active skills:
– Smash: Increased melee damage.
– Smite: Even more melee damage, but leaves hero weakened for some time.

Mage passive skills:
– Meditation: Increases summoning strength and decreases cool down of active skills.
– Wand Master: Increases wand zapping damage as well as wand recharge speed.
– Spirituality: Increased mana recovery.

Mage Active skills:
– Random Teleport: Teleports mage to random location.
– Summon: Summons a Rat, Crab or Skeleton based on meditation level to fight for you.

Rogue passive skills:
– Looting: Bonus gold when picking up any.
– Stealth: Increases stealth.
– Venom: Chance to poison enemies on hit. Chance and poison duration increase with level.

Rogue Active skills:
– Shadow Clone: Creates a mirror image to fight for you.
– Disable Trap: Disables next trap you walk on.

Huntress passive skills:
– Accuracy: Increases chance to hit target as well as Knee Shot damage.
– Ranged: Increases ranged damage.
– Fletching: Passively creates arrows.

Huntress Active skills:
– Flame Arrow: Next ranged attack bursts target into flames (immunities apply).
– Frost Shot: Next ranged attack freezes target (immunities apply)

Heroes start with 3 skill points and gain 2 per level.

As of 0.1.2:
– Passive skills are capped at hero's level.
– Items can be set to not degrade from settings.

As of 0.1.3:
– 5 new scrolls!
– Dualswords introduced!
– Tome of Knowledge added, shows latest update and gives some freebies related to said update!
Feel free to contribute with any suggestions

After that:
– New weapons
– Champions!

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