Discover the BEAUTIFUL friendship story between the bear SNOW and the star STELLA in this 3D app! LIVE inspiring ADVENTURES with them!

Let’s become BEST FRIENDS and enjoy:

– Fun and interactive stories, where Snow and you will participate on them!
– Puzzles and Games along the books so the reading gets even more fun!
– Songs to sing along!

Snow & Stella presents two very different friends and their beautiful friendship story. Many unexpected events will occur when a cute bear missing from his family runs into a clumsy star that accidentally fell on earth. Stella helps Snow get back to his family while she tries to return to sky. Live this adventure with them!!!


Add even more fun to your playtime with the additional books and complete your collection!!!
PLEASE NOTE: Snow & Stella book 1 is free to read.


BUY SNOW INTERACTIVE PLUSH TOY! You can purchase the Snow bear interactive plush toy which interacts with the tablet and talk with you during the stories. Stella is ALIVE in the app and will INTERACT with the toy Snow and read stories for you! .


SNOW & STELLA is a product from the creators of DINO MUNDI ®

Available for Android version .

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