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Introducing your NEXT habit-forming solitaire app, FREE SPIDER SOLITAIRE.

Do you have a solitaire obsession? Looking for a new solitaire variant to get you hooked and playing for hours?

Why do we think you will be caught in our challenging web?

– Play free spider solitaire online or offline – no Internet connection required!
– High-quality graphics. Cards and game table are easy to read.
– Simple rules – easy enough for kids.
– Correct mistakes with the "undo" function.
– Layouts adjust automatically to device – landscape or portrait mode.
– Choose from a variety of cards and tabletop designs.
– Drag & drop or tap-to-play.
– Accommodates lots of different screen sizes. From Android phone to high-def tablets.

No more fiddling with cards. Let us set-up the card table for you!

Here's what it will look like:
– Spider Solitare is set-up with two decks – 104 cards total. The cards are laid out into 10 tableaus from left to right. The first four tableaus have six cards each. The remaining six tableaus have five cards each.
– The top card of each tableau is turned face-up. The other cards will remain face-down. This leaves 50 cards leftover, which are placed in a pile.

– Try to build a stack of cards, starting with King and ending with Ace, all of the same suit.
– Build full runs of cards of the same suit, clear them from the table – and MASTER THE SPIDER'S WEB.


Get ready for a challenging game!


– We all make mistakes. That's why we've designed the UNDO feature.
– Left-handers won't feel "left out." Our Spider Solitare App is designed to accommodate and will deal from either the left or right side.


– Before drawing a new card from the stockpile, be absolutely certain you are unable to play a card on the tableau.
– Thinking of moving that card? A good rule of thumb is to try and only move cards if they will reveal a face-down card.
– Always try to expose the cards you cannot see in the tableau – the more cards you see means a wider net of options.
– If you have a choice between two possible down cards to reveal, choose the one that is in the biggest pile.

Do you have Spider Solitaire strategies to share? Check out our site and let us know. Or simply pay us a visit to find out our other free card games, including KLONDIKE, PATIENCE, and many more!

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Download Spider Solitaire Free

Spider Solitaire is the classic solitaire card games for free. Also known as Patience Klondike or Windows Solitaire.

— Draw 1 card or Draw 3 cards
— Tap to move or Auto complete
— Sound Effect
— Unlimited free solitaire games
— Right hand or Left hand SETTING
— Funny and surprising Achievements
— Four Background themes

Enjoy the classic solitaire card games for free!

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Download Spider Solitaire Free

Are you a fan of the classic card games ? Download now the best spider solitaire game absolutely free. A classic renovated for your smartphone or tablet.

The spider is one of modalities more plays the classic card game or playing cards, solitaire. In this game mode you have to sort multiple decks of cards from King to Ace you play at several levels, from a single stick or color, up to 4 together (spades, spades , hearts and diamonds) . This card game is the most addictive in the world and once you start can not stop playing.

Spider Solitaire HD Features :
★ Professional and original decks of cards with high quality
★ 4 difficulty levels with different colors or 4 suits : Spades, Clubs, Diamonds and Hearts
★ Play with up to 8 decks of cards
★ HD Graphics
★ Save your high scores and compete with your friends
★ Tutorial for Beginners
★ Translated into English , French , Spanish , German, Arabic , Chinese, Russian , Portuguese, Hindi , Italian and more languages.

Enjoy for hours playing cards with Free Spider Solitaire HD and high quality graphics .

Join Free to fever cards with Spider Solitaire !

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Download Spider Solitaire Free

This game is not as scary as it sound it is quite the contrary! Spider Solitaire is an amazingly fun game. This is the spider solitaire game in one suit. The aim of the game is to arrange the cards from King to Ace and then those cards will be removed. Quick Tip:When you are stuck, you can deal new cards from the deck of unused cards by clicking at the deck. You can deal new cards only when all the columns are occupied. If you need a cure for boredom Spider Solitaire will definitely cure that!

★ Excellent opportunity to increase your Spider Solitaire skills and practice patience.
★ Auto scaled and optimized to the screen size of your device.
★ Great for phones and tablets.
★ Built using Adobe AIR for best performance.
★ No hidden fees. Play for free.

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