Sprouted PD is forked with permission from the open source code of Shattered Pixel Dungeon (0.2.4).

Major reworks and additions were done to create a very different playing experience and a game that is not the same as the original.

Please Note: Saves to the previous versions may not load properly on 0.3.0 so you might have to start a new game if you update.

Sprouted Pixel Dungeon differences:

– Much larger levels creating a different game play and strategy experience
– Mobs drop monster meat to facilitate longer and more in-depth exploration of the larger levels
– Dew system has been revised to create a currency for upgrade opportunities
– Dew vial has been reworked as a new pivotal resource for exploring the dungeon
– Wraiths and grave hunting is now a major part of the game progression
– Boss fights have been completely reworked to be more intense and challenging requiring completely new tactics
– Mobs now adjust strength as you go deeper in the dungeon to stay balanced with upgrades
– New levels are accessible at each stage with Four additional levels available at the end of the game
– New levels include unique enemies, items and rewards

New in This Update:

Version 0.3.5(a)

* Dew charge buff available on each new level if you choose "Draw out dew" – No grinding!
* Pets added
* Ring of Frost artifact
* Missile weapon damage buffed
* Bugs squashed

Version 0.3.0 highlights:

* Defeat new mini-boss levels to obtain adamantite ore items
* Adamantite is required to reinforce your items to receive upgrades past 15
* Lots of new sprites by Pavel Provotorov
* New mobs to rebalance sewers and prison stages

* Bloodlust Chainsaw Hand available for a limited time. Happy Halloween!

Starting in 0.3.0 items max out at 15 upgrades. You can upgrade items past 15 if they have been 'reinforced' with adamantite ore. Adamantite is obtainable by completing new levels and quests.

Weapon adamantite
After killing 50+ mossy skeletons on the battle field level, a special inscribed bone will drop from a skeleton. Take the bone back to the dungeon and read the inscription to face the skeleton king.

Armor adamantite
After killing 50+ blind piranha in the fishing level, a special shell will drop from a blind piranha that will port you to the crab king.

Ring adamantite
After killing 50+ crazy gold thieves in the vault level a coin will drop from a gold thief. The coin will port you to the Thief King.

Wand adamantite
You get this after finishing the wandmaker quest if you are a mage. Non mages can obtain the wand adamantite if they can complete the wandmaker quest without killing any mobs from the time they leave the sewers. The game records total # of kills as you enter the prison. If that number is unchanged when you receive the wand from the wandmaker, he also drops the wand adamantite as an extra reward.

To reinforce your items, you need to take them to the new blacksmith. He's in the same room as the old blacksmith. They're brothers and love smithing. If you have an adamantite item and 50 dark gold he will reinforce a corresponding item of your choosing. He takes all your black gold when this happens so any black gold over 50 is wasted.

This new update will feature many new sprites from Pavel Provotorov. He's done a great job making Sprouted come alive. Many thanks!

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