Australia is the world's largest island, and also one of the most dangerous places in the world. No, there are no wars or other disaster, but there are a lot of aggressive animals, who will be happy to eat you for lunch. This time you’re a lonely traveler in Australia. You haven’t booked the hotel and now you have to survive in wilderness. Survival Island 3: Australia – tame a wild nature!

Your goal is to survive. Beware of angry animals, especially if you don’t have any weapon. At nights there is really dangerous, try to hide somewhere. In your own house, for example. Hunt animals or grow plants – you have to eat something. You also have to fight with aboriginals – you invaded their home!

Survival Island 3: Australia GAME FEATURES:
– Real trip to Australia;
– Island survival simulator;
– Kangaroo, crocodile and other animals;
– Meet real aboriginals;
– Houses building;
– Great craft system;
– The march of day and night;
– A lot of activities to do;

Survival Island 3: Australia game is your ticket to the world of extreme adventures. It will be unforgettable experience, so just enjoy!

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