Assembled and dangerous world needs your participation! In this game, we collected all the best modifications to the style of "Survival" – No Creativity! Only the harsh tropical conditions!

Welcome to our sandbox! We have gathered in this project a large number of animals, predators, zombie, vampire, insects, and even rodents! Collect food in the forest, grow them on your own farm! We have created a unique storyline building houses, you can now show the full imagination and compete with their friends in unique buildings huts!

– The final generation of the world is completely worked out for every detail: the unique biomes, Voxel mountains and caves, wild tropics, the Sahara desert, savannah and even the snowy Siberian mountains!
– We have collected all the best animals and zombies – to survive became even more difficult and more interesting.
– We have worked out the weather and now you get a real day and night, and rain!
– New texture units, weapons, armor – now everything has become much more colorful than usual!
– And all this is just the beginning!

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