Survivor Adventure: the official 3D adaptation of the famous TV show now available for FREE on Android.

Live the Survivor adventure! Outwit and outplay the other contestants to try and outlast them: collect food and water, manage your campfire, your energy… and your popularity.

Travel through the exotic island of Survivor by tackling a multitude of challenges inspired by either the show itself or smartphone classics. Discover the brand new Adventure mode and face the other survivors in a board game filled with obstacles: choose your team, master your environment and manage your energy as well as your relations with the others. Unlock immunity & comfort items and use them at the right time to beat your opponents and become the ultimate Survivor!

Discover 8 action oriented challenges inspired by the official TV show!

As you progress in the game win pearls to unlock new features, upgrade your hut, campfire and beat your best score and share it with your friends!

Main features
• Game fully available in 3D
• Live the life of a survivor with many events
• 8 action oriented challenges
• 5 different characters with unique stats
• Many unlockable achievements with Gamecenter

Game available in full 3D and fully localized.

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