In Swat Police: Cop Missions you will be a part of an amazing crime simulator. You will play as a swat police officer and will do missions like a real cop. You have to stop the outlaws who are taking over the city.

In order to stop the criminals you have to do different kind of cop missions.
When you are driving around in the city you can look on the minimap for the missions or you can use the quick buttons to start right away a mission.

The missions you can play from the start of the game. Only one mission type you have to unlock to buy your own car.
In this game you can unlock different kind of cars with their own strength.

You can play in this Ultimate crime simulator different type of mission like plant bombs and detonate them, Retrieve stolen vehicles, Eliminate the criminals and the special one collect documents with intel about the criminals.

Swat Police: Cop Missions has an open world. Do you have what it takes to defeat the crime and make the city safe again. To help you extra in Swat Police: Cop Missions you can upgrade your Swat Police Officer with extra armor, more impact, improve your shooting accuracy and many more.

Features of Swat Police: Cop Missions
•5 different each with different unique features
•Buy extra armor or health to survive the hard missions
•Improve your character during the game
•Play Missions like, Collect & Drive, Retrieve Stolen cars, Eliminate Criminals
•Play as a Military Policeman
•Unlock a special mission
•Finish a mission to earn money
•Buy buildings

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