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Want to be a tattoo designer and make amazing tattoo designs? Use this tattoo maker app to make your dreams come true.

With this amazing tattoo maker game, ink away all you want! Start with amazing tattoo collection, this tattoo maker app is all about getting your creativity out so you can make amazingly wonderful creations.

Make tattoos by drawing them yourself or get inspired by your horoscope tattoos in this amazing tattoo maker app.

★★★★★ FEATURES ★★★★★

★ Beautiful avatars
★ Wide range color pellet
★ Amazing Tattoo Collection



*No in-app purchases

All BGMs are the property of Kevin MacLeod. All Rights Reserved
© 2001-2015 Kevin MacLeod"

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ICAW presents an awesome game for all the inking enthusiasts out there. In Tattoo Maker you can express your hip and edgy personality. Show your swag through your tats.

You have to maintain your swag and inking is a great way to do that. Ink the bodies of gorgeous ladies and share your art with your friends. Make artistic tattoo deigns on their bodies and satisfy their inking needs.

Express your unique personality through body art. So Tattoo Maker is not just a tattoo generator. It is a tool to create art. It is a tool to shock the world with artistic expression of your inner self.

By making awesome tattoo designs you can show your edgy, unique and different personality. You can design your own tats. Like the painter uses paint, use your ink to do art. Use your imagination and creativity to come up with new tattoo designs. You can also use the available designs in the game. You can make beautiful patterns, or you can adopt more radical tattoo designs.

A growing network for Game lovers since 2013 with over 30 Million downloads. ICAW has been trying to provide the best quality virtual adventure to the users in different categories i.e. Casual, Role playing, Arcade, Family and Educational. Our struggle continues to meet the satisfaction of our loyal users by introducing our games in more categories in their super favorite art styles!!
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☆☆ ☆ Tattoo Making Awesomeness! ☆ ☆☆

Ever dreamed of making amazing tattoo designs? With this tattoos maker app you can do just that! Use fresh ink on your favorite characters, and make all the tattoo art you want.

Start with tattoo of the day and move on to making tattoos inspired by your horoscope! This tattoo maker is all about your creations. Try this tattoo app with your friends, or just keep drawing tattoos for yourself.

Download this tattoo maker and ink away all you want!

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"Ever tried tattoo designing on your own? Well now using this tattoo maker app you can make amazing tattoo designs as any tattoo specialist or a tattoo designer can do with the help of this amazing tattoo maker app.

In this amazing tattoo maker game you can make tattoos by using different types of inks to draw tattoo art on your favorite characters. It's easy and simple pocket fashion game, tattoo making is never been so easy before.

So if you want to become a real tattoo designer and want to make amazing tattoo designs try this tattoo maker app for free to test your tattoo artist skills.

This tattoo maker app can be used as pocket fashion, in tattoo studio you can make your horoscope tattoos in this amazing tattoo maker app which is like same to any other tattoo design shop or tattoo studio where you think and get new tattoo ideas and you convert those tattoo ideas into amazing tattoo designs as tattoo designer.

★ In-App Free
★ Beautiful avatars to tattoo yourself
★ Amazing Tattoo Collection
★ Complete Tattoo Designs Shop"

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Download Tattoo Maker

Time for some cool and funky tattoos. Become the tattoos tycoon in Tattoo Maker.

The top notch game that will leave you amazed. Tattoos that make you look like stars. Now become the trendiest guy or girl and show off your ultimate tattoos. Own your shop and become the tattoo master. Show off your tattoo designs to everyone. Be the talk of the town with your tattoo designs and become the top tattoo artist you always wanted to be. Introduce the new fashion that gives everyone Goosebumps. The fashion statement that has never been made before. The raw style, the cowboy look, the street style, you just name it. Tattoo maker will give you the exact same look and style you want.

So what are you waiting for? Become the meanest and dirtiest, raw looking guy or become the hottest girl with the most talked about style there is. Just download this app and show your amazing tattoos to everyone.

===== FEATURES =====

– DRAW & DESIGN: Choose from different tattoo designs, color them, trace them out on characters

- AVATARS: 5 different characters to choose from

- UNLIMITED TATTOOS: Put as many tattoos on each character as you want
, unlock items to make your character cooler

- SHARE: Share your designs with friends over Facebook

– WALLPAPERS: Save your tattoos to your phone and make them your wallpapers


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App supports Android 2.2(Froyo) to Android 4.x Ice Cream Sandwich and Jellybean.

All BGMs are the property of Kevin MacLeod. All rights reserved.
© 2001-2012 Kevin MacLeod.

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